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What happens when skills you need to create a law career you love aren’t necessarily the skills you learned in classrooms or lecture halls?

With the ferocity of the job market, and competitiveness of the law field, aspiring lawyers don’t just need opportunities. They need to stand out. They need to market themselves. They need tools to create their own paths.

The Law Career Playbook is the toolkit for making that happen.

As a student at Southwestern Law in 2007, Rachel Tessa Gezerseh realized the ticket to differentiating herself in an ultra-competitive field was specialized personal branding and marketing, two things usually left off of law school curricula. Now a success story with her own dream career in law, Rachel Gezerseh flips the status quo for law school students and graduates, giving them tangible tips on resume-building and networking, as well as diving into the branding strategies that will make you stand out as exceptional in a sea of qualified lawyers.

The Law Career Playbook is your ticket to hustling with purpose, forging meaningful industry connections, and unlocking the power of who you are in order to end up with your very own dream law career.

Rachel Gezerseh

Rachel Tessa Gezerseh

California-based lawyer, law professor, writer, and accomplished speaker Rachel Gezerseh is the author of The Law Career Playbook (February 2019), which focuses on helping new and aspiring lawyers learn to market themselves and get ahead in the competitive legal industry.

After 10 years as a Business Litigator at Jones Day in Los Angeles, Rachel is now a partner at boutique law firm Liang Ly LLP and continues to focus on complex commercial litigation in federal and state courts. She recently joined the part-time faculty at the University of Southern California as an adjunct law professor.

In addition to creating the popular Break Into BigLaw and BIBL Voices blogs, Rachel has also been featured in Bloomberg Big Law Business and ABA For Law Students.

Rachel holds a law degree from Southwestern Law School.

Previous Speaking Engagements

Southwestern Law School
Pepperdine University School of Law
University of Miami School of Law
University of California - Los Angeles (Pre-Law)
University of California - Berkeley (Pre-Law)

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Previous Work

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The Law Career Playbook

The Law Career Playbook is what you wished you learned in law school. Drawing from personal trial-and-error and the endeavors of other successful legal job hunters, The Law Career Playbook is the ultimate guide for law school graduates, college students, and aspiring lawyers. In a competitive field, standing out and strategy are key to ending up in a law career you love. Here’s what you can expect to walk away knowing after reading The Law Career Playbook:

  • How to identify and discover opportunities that are the right fit for you
  • How to create an actionable career plan, including accessing the hidden job market
  • How to develop meaningful relationships in the field through networking that lasts
  • How to craft the resume, self marketing, and career materials you need to score the career of your dreams

The Law Career Playbook is a step-by-step guide that includes real-world stories of lawyers who have put Rachel’s advice to the test, using it to snag dream jobs they could barely imagine as new graduates. No matter where you are in your law career, moving forward starts here.

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